White Resin Folding Chairs
White Resin Folding Chairs


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If you're looking for a quality alternative to traditional plastic folding chairs for your next event, our White Resin Folding Chairs will fit the bill perfectly. Constructed from 100% non-recycled virgin resin, these high-quality folding chairs are resistant to splintering, warping or fading. Standard wood chairs may be more likely to experience damage with frequent use, so you can reduce your overall repair or replacement expenses if you choose resin chairs.

Each white resin chair has a steel seat bar, a lock-tight design and a 300-pound weight capacity to help ensure your guest's comfort, safety and stability. Each white resin chair has a detachable waterproof vinyl.

Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, these chairs go anywhere so you can always offer guests a comfortable place to sit.

These resin chairs provide an upscale look suitable for banquets, weddings, graduations or any event requiring elegant, comfortable seating. Best of all, the simple design is stylish enough that you don't need to cover each chair with a chair cover, saving time during setup and reducing overall costs.

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